What It’s Not About

It’s funny, the minute you mention you’ve written a book on four wheel driving, people assume you’re either a total tom-boy revhead or your boyfriend must have taught you everything you know.

For the record, I do own, and have always owned my own 4WD. It’s very well kitted out with all the mods to take me the places I want to go. But that’s not what this is about.

I love my car. Its super comfy to drive and has an exhaust noise that turns heads in the street. I could reel off most of the specs which make it what it is. But that’s not what this about.

People talking endlessly about their cars is what inspired me to write A Lady 4WDer’s Guide to the Outback. It’s not about the car. It’s about the place I can go. Have you ever stood under a desert oak tree in the middle of nowhere and heard the wind whistling through its branches? Have you ever heard a curlew scream or a dingo howl? Have you felt your heart literally jump with excitement at a view so remote and beautiful you can hardly believe it is real? Have you ever laughed around a campfire with strangers that feel like family by the end of the night? Have you ever stood somewhere so unique that you never thought you’d be lucky enough to see with your own eyes?

Those are the reasons I own a 4WD. The places I can go and the people I can meet continually inspire me and make me want more. My car, Larry (the Landcruiser), is a means to an end. I often say my car changed my life. All three of my 4WDs did, not because of the size of their wheels,  but because of the adventures we have had together.

There’s so much more to the world of 4WDing than specifications and technicalities. Get out there and explore 🙂




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  1. You are so right about finding the remote and beautiful places and you think how lucky you are to find them and just sit and breathe and look at the view.
    A 4WD gives us the ability to get to places that not everyone can get to.
    My passion for 4WDing started 15 years ago as a single female and it feels like I have been preparing for my adventures in the Pilbara.
    Cheers to our next campfire

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