Things that go bump in the night

The outback is an amazing and profoundly beautiful place to be, but if you’ve ever woken up in your swag to the sound of multiple dingos howling only metres from your head or strange squelchy scratching sounds when camped in crocodile country the outback can sometimes be a little eerie or downright scary.

Most of the time it will just be a kangaroo making creepy noises in the dark

No matter how well you are prepared for a bush adventure, it takes a special kind of person who can drive out into the middle of nowhere and not for a few seconds wonder about what is lurking in the vicinity of their campsite. Space is what we all crave but at the same time too much space can mess with your head, especially when it’s dark and especially if you’ve ever watched the film Wolfe Creek.

My all-time favourite Critter Cam Capture – Tassie Devil. These creatures scream like a child being strangled. A tad alarming when your camped up in the middle of nowhere.


For that reason I am the owner of “critter cam” an infrared camera intended for hunting. I set it up at night time to record what’s happening when I’m fast asleep (or awake worrying). The cameras are fairly inexpensive ($160AUD), easy to set up and can either be set up to take video or stills. You’ll be amazed what these things capture and they might give you some peace of mind.

Critter Cam


A possum poking around the camp


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