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After one of my recent talks, the majority of the questions from the ladies in the audience were about tyres and tyre pressures.

When I started out 4WDing the mysterious world of tyres was one of my biggest fears. I didn’t understand tyre pressures and I had no clue how to change a tyre or how to inflate or deflate one. I found myself on a 4WD training course being asked to change a tyre and almost dissolving into tears when I firstly couldn’t locate the tyre changing equipment, then couldn’t budge a single nut loose and finally had no idea how to inflate the newly fitted tyre to an undetermined ‘psi’.

Learning how to use tyre pressures to help you master various terrains is essential. But how can you manage your tyre pressures if you don’t know what pressure they are at in the first place?

Below are three simple tools I now use to manage my tyre pressures:

  1. A tyre pressure gauge (for measuring the pressure in the tyre)
  2. Tyre Dog Tyre Pressure Monitors (for monitoring pressures while I am driving)
  3. Air Compressor (for putting air into the tyres)

Tyre Pressure Gauge

There are many different types of tyre pressure gauges on the market. I prefer the dial view. It is simple to use, cheap and I keep a couple of them in the car so I can verify accuracy. I use it to spot check tyre pressures and when deflating or inflating to ensure ideal pressures.

Tyre Dog Tyre Pressure Monitors

I LOVE my Tyre dogs. Four small monitors screw onto the tyre valve stem and an in car (battery operated) screen pics up the pressures via bluetooth. I can monitor the pressures as I drive and pick up any small leaks before the situation gets any worse. The whole system costs around $250 but is worth it for the peace of mind, especially when you are new to learning about tyres and pressures

Air Compressor

What goes down must come up again and that’s where the air compressor comes into it. I have a portable ARB 12V compressor which comes in a box. It attaches to the car battery and I use the tyre pressure gauge to check the pressures as I pump the tyres up. Don’t skimp on the air compressor you buy – some of the cheaper ones take forever to pump up a tyre.

Now you’ve got the gear…we can talk ideal tyre pressures in another blog.

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  1. Great info!! On the topic of tyres, you’ll need to share your handy hints for taking a flat tyre off the car too … I’ve broken a tyre iron trying to undo tight wheel nuts on my car 🙄😂

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